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Vati - Tablet

Vati - Tablet

Arhtovin Tabs

Joint pain, inflammation. Combination of herbs to check the formation of Aam Dosha responsible for ..

Rs.85.00 Ex Tax: Rs.85.00

Bone Healer

It is use for Fracture healing and perfect union. Reduces fracture heating time...

Rs.105.00 Ex Tax: Rs.105.00

Himliv Tablet

Liver disorder, anorexia, Jaundice. Liver in the body is a guard to fight all toxins. Himliv protec..

Rs.90.00 Ex Tax: Rs.90.00

Blood Purifiey Tablet

Blood purifier. Due to weak digestive fire there are formation of Aam Dosha or intermediary metabol..

Rs.75.00 Ex Tax: Rs.75.00

Punaravati Tablet

It is used to treat jaundice, general fever and obesity. It is also used as anti-inflammatory and d..

Rs.85.00 Ex Tax: Rs.85.00

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